2024 Stingray Swim/Dive Team Information

  Dear Parents:

Summer is almost here, and we are very excited to begin the 2024 Swim and Dive season.  This letter provides all the important details including new information to help answer most of your questions about the team.  

The Stingrays need your help!.  To make this season happen we need 3-4 parent liaisons to help the coaches coordinate various parts of team such as merchandising, communication, team dinner coordinator, etc 

Please reach out to Becky Callahan 201-214-5246 as soon as possible for more information.  


Why Join the Swim/Dive Team?   There are many reasons to join the team including:

For Parents For Kids
Swimming is lifelong sport Great team sport
Cross train for other sports Swimming tones muscles and builds endurance
Town pride representing  HP Fun in the sun, free ice pops and stingray tattoos

Be a part of a rich tradition in HP that includes several All Americans and World Record holder Craig Beardsley

Who are the Coaches? – TBD

Do I really need to volunteer at a meet since I don’t know what to do? 

YES — volunteers are critical for a smooth and quick meet.  Parents must volunteer at 3 MEETS per family.  Positions include: timers, ribbon writers, runners and concessions.  Don’t worry — we’ll be glad to explain each position.

In order to ensure volunteers, we require a $100 deposit in the form of a check at registration that will be held until the end of the season.  When you meet the 3 meet requirements, your check will be returned at the of season Awards event

What are Registration Details?  

Deadline : June 17 to receive team t-shirt 

Ages: 5-17 yrs. old, no experience needed.  Must be member of the HP Pool Club to join team

What are the steps to register

  1. Complete 1) online registration form  and 2) Fill out medical release form at the bottom of this page and pay the registration fees there as well.    
    1. Registration  Payment – $65 first child/$45 for additional child which includes a team t-shirt (if registered before June 21) and super cool HP swim cap.
    2. Volunteer Deposit – a $100 deposit check is needed to complete registration.  Your uncashed check will be returned upon meeting your volunteer obligations of 3 meets at end of season
  2. Read the rest of this letter 🙂 

Who will we compete with? 

Like previous years, HP will be competing in the Upper Bergen League.  League rules are posted on https://harringtonpark.membersplash.com/

Where do I get that nice HP swim merchandise?

You will receive a team t-shirt and swim cap with your completed registration by June 21.  For team swimsuits, a rep will be at HP on June 17th with samples to try on and take orders.  Swimsuit orders need to be in by June 18th.  Swimsuit contact is Donna Terjesen email: swimusa1@aol.com. Will send out information regarding all other merchandise such as hoodies, towels, hats and more in separate communication.

How do Concessions work?

Concessions is not only an important team fundraiser but also helps to feed and fuel our swimmers during meets.  The Parent Liaison team will supply utensils, bagels and coffee.  We ask all parents to help by donating following items:

Families A through K                                                                                                                      Families L through Z

Water, ice, juice box                                                                                                                              Zip locked fruits, oranges, granola bars,

Gatorade (no glass bottles)                                                                                                                 Single serve chips, gold fish, muffins, pretzels

                                                                                                                                                                  Homemade cookies, muffins and cakes are great too.   

When are the Team Practice Times?                                                  Swim                                                      Dive

Starting on June 27th                                                                                      Tues – Fri                                                  Mon – Thur

                                                                                                                             6 and under   4:15- 5:00                         4:00-5:00

                                                                                                                              7 and up.       5:00- 5:45

Who do we swim against?

Location                                       Dive                                                      Swim                                                                                 Team Dinner

Home Time Trial                           NA                                                          June 29 8:30WU                                                               Pasta Dinner June 28 6:00-7:00pm

Home vs PV                                   July 9                                                      July 10

At Norwood                                   July 12                                                    July 13

At Park Ridge                                July 16                                                    July 17

Home vs Haworth                        July 19                                                     July 20

At Demarest                                  July 23                                                     July 24

League Championship                July 29 HP                                              July 31 in Demarest                                                          Awards Dinner July 26  5:00pm


Start times for Meets: 

SwimWed Swim Meets: Arrival 4:45pm/ Start 5:30; Sat Swim Meets:  Warm-ups Arrival 8:15am/ Start 9:00am

DiveAll Dive Meets: Warmups 5:30pm, Start 6pm

League Championship– Dive/3:30 warm up and Swim 4:30 warm-up 5:30 start

Calendar of all practices, meets and team events are available on calendar on 



                Thanks for your support and see you at the pool!